Having a website that is easy to find is equivalent to have your physical business in an optimal location, it ensures you'll be available to your clients. We build websites with SEO optimization from the ground up. We do not consider this an extra service every website should be easy to find, if not, what's the point?

Is your website accesible? What is SEO ?

SEO is an acronnym for Search Engine Optimization. This is to build or tweak a website in order to make it easier for the Search engines like google or Yahoo to find with the adequate search terms and keywords and obtain a better rankings in the results concerning your product or service.

posicionamiento en buscadores en los cabos

Does your website attracts new clients? Does it pay itself with the revenue your business gets this new clients? Is it ewll ranked in the concerning search terms? Is it linked to your social media accounts. Is it informative? is it frequently updated? Does it make it easy for a visitor to get in contact with you? Does it look good on phones as well as in computers? Is it easy to navigate?


Details we take into account when building your website

  • Design - This means, not only build a nice looking site, but to use the most adequate style of design to connect with your market.
  • Easy and logical navigation-  How many times have you visited a website where you couldn't find the information you were seeking, and promptly left for another option. Never again lose a client this way. The information in your website must be easy to find even for the people not internet savvy. Your website must have a logical structure and easy navigation in order for it to be useful.
  • Responsive site - A website must accomodate itself to the device it is visualized in. Wether it's a telephone a computer a tablet or a 50 inch smart tv.
  • Adequately redacted text - The way in which your website text is redacted and formatted directly affects your search engine rankings for google is very picky about this.



Why do I need a webpage if I already have a facebook profile?

A well made website is like an extension of your business.  Very similar to a branch office. It should have clear and detailed information available to a potential client who wants to make a decision between similar products to yours. It should also call to action on this potential clients taking full advantage of impusive aquisitions. Whereas Facebook works differently; It facilitates direct contact with your clients. But because of it's format it's not easy to find specific information on your product or service if it's not in a recent post, and not many people like endless scrolling with the hope of finding your products or services.  Facebook is more suitable for informing the public of your business news. Besides, a lot of your potential clients do not use Facebook.

But this two formats are not mutually exclusive, nor one is better than the other.  Your webpage and facebook must be linked to create a promotional sinergy, since they are different tools, and help each other..